Cloud Burst Advisory

The New Human Agenda.
Adam Martin An Appeal To Dirt.
Dachi Cole and Lynn Randolph The Secret Body.
Eric Schmid with Mattea Landry Schmitten.
Alex Mackin Dolan The Crudelo Sphere.
Jake Cruzen Keep It Love.

Cloud Burst Advisory offers full collections management and acquisitions to a discerning group of collectors interested in emerging art. Cloud Burst represents the collector in the market place and maintains key relationships with dealers, artists and institutions. We are proud to include a guarantee of discretion with our services as we believe trust is the foundation of all our professional relationships.

The art market has never been bigger, and Cloud Burst can be your filter. Introducing new artists and Growth is paramount for a Cloud Burst advised collection, we strive to place only the best works in our clients collections, and leverage our relationships to promote the artists, organically increasing the value and visibility of the work. As collectors ourselves we bring a passionate and fresh perspective to the market and are excited to introduce you to the best in emerging art.